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Utils and informations of current deployment

Files here might be very specific to the setup of pixelplanet.fun and might not be relevant for everyone

exalple-ecosystem-x.yml and captchaFonts

Examples of configurations, will be copied into ./dist on build


example nginx config


Basic nodejs script to print a message and a youtube video, used as a message while updating


Pixelplanet has its own git repository for deployment on the live system, if an commit get pushed to it, it will automatically build the canvas and deploy it. This hook is managing that on the server.


script to manually trigger rebuilding and restarting pixelplanet on the server

Some notes:

Cloudflare Caching Setting Broser Cache Expiration should be set to Respect Existing Headers or it would default to 4h, which is unreasonable for chunks. Additinally make sure that cachebreakers get blocked by setting Cloudflare Firewall rules to block empty query strings at least for chunks