Filter posts by flags and IDs on 4chan
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4chan Flag Filter Browser Extension

Filter flags and memeflags on 4chan boards that support it. The basic layout is from HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply



Self-explaining. Click on the button of the AddOn and check what you want to filter, country flags are given in 2-letter country code, seperated by comma.


  • Shift-clicking on a country flag (when flag filtering is enabled) will add it to the list of filtered flags.
  • Also provides an option to automatically solve the slider of slider-captchas


Because a thread has to be fetched in order to detect how many times OP replied, it takes a minute to scan all the threads the first time (we have to limit the rate of requests to the 4chan API according to their docs). The threads get scanned when the site loads.


  • Storage to store settings
  • Access to 4chan, 4channel and 4cdn to be able to function


Download and install instructions are on the Release page. 4chan-flag-filter/releases

How to build

$ npm install --save-dev
$ npm npm run build

The resulting extension will be in dist/.