Minecraft datapack with basic features
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Essential functions for our server which are lag efficient. Do not add any functionality that needs to run per tick. Use advancement triggers and tags whenever possible.


Click on the "Download Repository" buttom to the top right and download as ZIP file. Add it to the datapack folder of your world.

Implemented features:

  • don't allow enderman to pick up blocks
  • 3min invisibility potion put into item frame makes the item frame invisible
  • eating glow berries gives glowing effect
  • hitting a Piglin, Hoglin or Piglin Brute with a nautilus shell makes it immun to zombification
  • hitting a donkey or horse with frostwalker lvl 2 boots will make it have frost walker (boots get used and vanish)
  • add bundle recipe
  • add cyan dye by warped fungus and purple dye by crimson fungus recipe
  • add stonecutter recipes for wood
  • change hanging sign recipe to use planks instead of stripped logs
  • set health of rabbits to 10 (5 ♥)
  • make rabbits and frogs fall damage immune
  • add colored allays (dye them by giving them a dye, light blue is the default). Requires Entity Texture Features mod or OptiFine and this resource pack
  • mob named as "Stay Baby" will stay as baby and transform into one if not already one (takes up to 20s to happen)
  • magic and arrow damage no longer gets eliminated by invulnerability frames
  • when breaking a bee hive or bee nest, set its Lore to the amount of bees inside
  • treat wool carpets as wool (instant breakable with shears and occludes vibrations, not just dampens them)
  • a crossbow with Flame enchant works as expected and also allows you to shoot torches that are held in the other hand (both arrow and torch get used up)
  • a crossbow with Flame is found in pillager outpost chests and pillagers have a 4% chance of dropping one
  • increase chance to find a silence trim in an ancient city chest to 2,5%
  • add recipe to duplicate pottery sherds with a brick
  • show stats of horses, donkeys, llamas and pandas when looked at with a spyglass
  • show coordinates and biome while holding a compass in your offhand or hotbar
  • add lootables to the following ESG conform mobs (mojang is not allowed to promote killing animals):
    • goat (mutton + goathorn)
    • bee (honey comb)
    • frog (slime ball)
    • axolots (tropical fish and if naturally spawned, small chance of sponge)
    • polar_bear (fish drops guaranteed)
    • camel (leather like all other mounts)
    • sniffer (drops moss)
    • turtle (drop scute if not killed by lightning)
    • armadillo (drops scutes)
  • despawn mobs even when they are holding one of the following items:
    • rotten flesh
    • string
    • bone
    • feather
    • raw and cooked chicken
    • any fish
    • bone meal
    • gunpowder
    • redstone dust
    • glowstone dust
    • glass bottle
    • egg
    • torch
    • any arrow
    • any saplings
    • armadillo scute
    • ink sacs (glowing and not)
    • phantom membrane
    • seeds (pumpkin, melon, beetroot and wheat seeds)
    • crops (wheat, carrot, potato, poisonous potato, beetroot)