41 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
HF f8b77b5982 add complexity sql command 3 months ago
HF 88598c4ecf add delete argument to purge script to manually delete a room 3 months ago
HF 01c9dc4825 remove colorful cli output, cause the escape sequences are sent via mail
3 months ago
HF 554dde6257 remove now obsolete comment 3 months ago
HF a91093ab4a rewrite most of matrixpurge script 3 months ago
HF 986e0b5d76 add default z value for canvas screenshots 4 months ago
HF b80cf737f9 shut up ApplicationService Logger 4 months ago
HF 093cb7cd3e disallow none :pixelplanet.fun matrix users from bridging again 4 months ago
HF a7619c447f limit amount lines sent from natrix to 4 4 months ago
HF b66e2ba839 fix queue breaking 4 months ago
HF b4bf9cd25b finish transition to sharp 4 months ago
HF 5eb5413d10 render in queue 4 months ago
HF 16a700fe56 localhost -> 4 months ago
HF d1b45f822f update monkey patch to matrix 1.84.1 4 months ago
HF 7b634951d2 npm remove canvas install sharp and updates 4 months ago
HF e2badec793 switch from node-canvas to sharp 4 months ago
HF b6163fbb10 enforce canvas bounds
block users from other servers from the bridge
4 months ago
HF 79cb946ef4 use the same naming convetions for name changes as on writing messages 7 months ago
HF bc9af04820 change how names are displayed 7 months ago
HF 18902b21c6 don't bridge info and event names fom matrix 9 months ago
HF b46fdd6752 Use updated ModulesAPI method to resolve alias to room_id
Monkeypatch BulkPushRuleEvaluator to not spam notifications
12 months ago
HF fa065cd52b add reseting of synapse_state_compressor to purge script 1 year ago
HF b89246f73c adjust timeframes of purge script 1 year ago
HF 7a46c57430 print stats of table sizes 1 year ago
HF bb010234e5 split matrix sent textwalls into individual messages for ppfun 1 year ago
HF 48f83239ef ensure that user is in default-rooms on login 1 year ago
HF efeed17537 autojoin rooms with pp_admin, update packages, update MarkdownParser 1 year ago
HF e5e6d21257 add purge script 1 year ago
HF d8be801b3b fix echo suppression
closes #1
1 year ago
HF f4739ad500 increase echoSuppression timeouts 1 year ago
HF 34d69dc75b add avatar for tr channel 1 year ago
HF f110d03fdc parse basic markdown for sending images 2 years ago
HF 91a71c79b2 make snapshots smaller and listen only to localhost 2 years ago
HF d3c9b96e6d add note of hardcoded pixelplanet url 2 years ago
HF f2035f9660 finish canvas link parsing 2 years ago
HF a6fd5b7962 add pixelplanet image loading stuff 2 years ago
HF 7344945a43 be able to send uid null 2 years ago
HF 5ebf16aa08 fix *berg and *stein memeflags
add room avatars
2 years ago
HF c54dd6ce0b enable room creation 2 years ago
HF 884828e61f continue 2 years ago
HF e92764c0d7 initial commit 2 years ago