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ppfun-auth-module for matrix-synapse

Allows pixelplanet users to login with their credentials on matrix. Required synapse version is 1.69+


Put into the python PATH of synapse, sometimes it is /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/ or in Debian / Ubuntu distribution in /opt/venvs/matrix-synapse/....

Configuration (homeserver.yml):

  - module: ppun_auth.PPfunAuthProvider
      ppfunurl: "http://local.pixelplanet.url:port"
      # if true, only mail-verified users can log in
      verified: true
      # rooms that will be automatically joined on login, must be a list 
      autojoin_rooms: ['', '']
      # dont notify users in pp_ channels
      # when true, it triggers a monkeypatch that blocks notifications in bridged channels in order to avoid flooding the synapse database with push_actions
      block_notify: false