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HF df3c5b3d4f remove websocket surveillance to test 3 weeks ago
HF 2fccfc8e25 care about undefined cli in Converter 3 weeks ago
hf 332a6ebb2e Merge pull request 'Add cz and gr translations, update ru translation' (#78) from sallbet/pixelplanet-fork:translations into master
Reviewed-on: #78
4 weeks ago
sallbet 5703bfe881
Add cz and gr translations, update ru translation 1 month ago
hf f5ddcddd35 Merge pull request 'Fix country mute/unmute message in channels' (#73) from sallbet/pixelplanet-fork:master into master
Reviewed-on: #73
2 months ago
sallbet 1bb11d593e
Fix country mute/unmute message in channels 2 months ago
HF 76bb885d09 decodeURIComponent hash 2 months ago
HF 0d2f438947 adjust reddit canvas cooldowns and requirements 2 months ago
hf ab8bde5bd0 Merge pull request 'Add new canvas' (#71) from sallbet/pixelplanet-fork:canvases into master
Reviewed-on: #71
2 months ago
sallbet 7013601f1f
Add new canvas 2 months ago
HF 0373379e24 reorganize LICENSE into an easier readably form.
Add term to include CoC.
2 months ago
HF f20827f2dc reformat CODE_OF_CONDUCT 2 months ago
HF ab9f3c3358 add CODE_OF_CONDUCT 2 months ago
hf ecfb66b7ac Merge pull request 'Add nl translation' (#69) from sallbet/pixelplanet:translations into master
Reviewed-on: #69
3 months ago
sallbet a59d4446d4 Add nl translation 3 months ago
HF d5469f7dc6 add default cooldown for unregistered first-connections 3 months ago
HF 924fb41741 updating drawOcean.js script and instructions 3 months ago
HF bfa3e19c2c make wsupgrade async 4 months ago
HF 5c353dd8c2 adjust tr cooldown 4 months ago
HF 3561e80873 catch upgrade errors 4 months ago
HF 263c89fef5 fix userid < 5000 special chat priviledge 4 months ago
HF 5743276ea9 update nginx config
reinstate temporary turk cooldown increase to 1.2
4 months ago
HF 557579e668 change ukraine into novorussia flag
remove obsolete hcaptcha svg
4 months ago
HF 86eff1185c let users with id below 5000 talk in chat even when their country is
4 months ago
HF af3fa2090b check if limiter exists when adding deltaTime 4 months ago
HF b89b2d19d3 dont rethrow websocket onbinary error 4 months ago
HF 301bb72d99 add discord cdn to allowed embeds and change tiktok embed 4 months ago
HF 0dafd59699 update tr translation 4 months ago
HF 291df69851 revert turk cooldown 4 months ago
HF 8c6a048e1c force IPv4 on whois 4 months ago
hf 7450c3c0f8 Merge pull request 'Add croatian translation' (#67) from sallbet/pixelplanet:translations into master
Reviewed-on: #67
4 months ago
sallbet cce9bbda42
Add romanian translation 4 months ago
sallbet 8d310bc100
Fix spaces and dots 4 months ago
sallbet 0dd1b99fab
Add croatian translation 4 months ago
HF 1a0f3b9876 remove Ukrainian language 6 months ago
HF 91fe9517e9 enable google login again 6 months ago
HF 3e58eb6111 remove discord auto chatban again 6 months ago
HF cf7217f66e increase turkey cooldown temporarily 6 months ago
HF 92d0a08669 temporarily disable google login 6 months ago
HF cfa9fb5f03 annoy arin also a bit 6 months ago
HF 016f6bf91a temporarily disallow muted users from deleting their accounts or
changing mail
6 months ago
HF 0607c70f24 automan null string names 6 months ago
HF 4b550920ef remove remporary debugging stuff 6 months ago
HF 2437b44db7 little inconsistencies 6 months ago
HF c7a87fbaa7 add extra logs for user hf for debugging 6 months ago
HF 063813cb41 fix some eqeqeq and add store to window for debugging 6 months ago
HF e85073733c add cidr group to pixel logging tables and make cidr copy to clickboard
on click
7 months ago
HF 7cee79f103 fix "a.getRenderer is not a function" error in popups, use optional
chaining synthax
7 months ago
HF b7954ce11b fix some idea errors 7 months ago
HF 5c51137777 fix broken ${ in armenian translation and one character in french translation 7 months ago